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明信片系列一号╱postcard series no.01╱大冒險之旅★the great adventure journey╱

15 x 10.5 cm
printed on 250g ivory paper

USD$2.00 for each

now available in my little online shop



one fine day

two days before, we were awake for almost 24 hours no sleep, and axel finally ( and luckily ) got extension for his visa, we both felt so much relieved

and then, i slept for almost 24 hours ( no kidding ), missed a day, and then after i finally managed to got up from bed at 7 pm, i decided to take my man to a movie that he would like ( which turned out not very successful ), and then we took long walk to the cafe i work, which opened until 4 am, we had coffee, and lots of talks, about our new apartment, about our life in the near future, which is totally dreamy two years ago when he's still in paris, and me in taipei

life is so wonderful sometimes, isn't it ?

i wish you all, my dear boys and girls, have a nicenicenice one fine sunday !


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  1. siquveland4/11/2010

    congratulations! it's always so wonderful to have a home with someone you love =)