day 41 ╱ part 1

everyday life
in paris

a long walk from metro solférino to rue de buci along boulevard saint-germain


after we came back home, i jump on bed, and didn't wanna move again,
i ask him to take a picture of me, and then i took a picture of my hand

i'm still not used to this kind of cold cold cold weather, and have to wear so so so many clothes when i go out

my winter vacation is almost come to the end, makes me feel a bit restless

when my french man will fly with me back to my city on the little subtropical island on the other side of the planet, there's the brand new life of us officially living together and so many adventures waiting for us

but for now, i'm a bit restless


  1. waw, I like these photos a lot! so calm...

  2. merci beaucoup, dear sathya

  3. That restlessness before a big journey is very hard. I'm facing/feeling the same thing these days. Bon courage! :)